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About the company

 About the company

La maison anglaise

The drawing above is of a 17th century cottage beside a mediaeval road which was originally built as a shop to sell linen, and perhaps other goods. This style of house is called a 'maison anglaise'.

Built by the Bretons in what was then thought to be an English style, only a very small handful of these houses have survived to the present day. Many are now in a state of extreme neglect.

The cottage is home to 'Maison Anglais', and the products originating from this company have all been created by Peter Koller, a dedicated Hardware and Software engineer with hands on experience since 1978 in the design of computers, their software, and their interface to the real world. He is currently working as a software developer for the aircraft industry.

The name Maison Anglais was used in various spellings to promote software products since 1995.

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