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20th June 2005

Maison Anglais,

For Immediate Release

Contact: Peter Koller email:

Maul Publisher

Maison Anglais has just released version 3.00 of its modular desktop publisher.

Maul Publisher is an industrial strength desktop publisher capable of
creating virtually all of the printing seen on everyday household items. You
can use it to easily lay out newspapers, cards, books, labels, stamps,
posters, charts, forms, and even designs like building plans or furniture

Maul contains a huge number of sophisticated features specifically for
publishing. These include booklet printing and collation, precision bitmap
scaling, prepress reports, color management, layout guides, style sheets, and
much more. Maul is available in both german and english, and provides true
multilingual support.

Maul Publisher is available for download and will function for 30 days before
requiring registration. Available for OS/2 based systems on PC.


Peter Koller (Owner/Proprietor)