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Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy explained

Our privacy policy explained

This web site

This web site is a cookie free zone.

This web site does use some common web technologies, such as PHP and jQuery (javascript) client scripting. Both are generally considered safe.

Software Purchasing

We all worry about paying over the internet. It is certainly true that there are a lot of sites where handing over your card information can be a little unsure.

We would like to put your mind at rest by explaining to you exactly how we are set up, and how we intend to ensure your absolute safety.

We work directly with BMT Micro, a well estabished software reseller in the US. This enables us to provide a more cost effective service. This means that any purchase will always lead you to the BMT Micro web site. We do not see or process any payment information ourselves.

Our policy:-

  • We receive your order from BMT Micro. In order to produce a license, we must register your name and email address in a customer registration database. We will then send you a product registration per email. We do not receive or use any more personal information than this.

  • Orders will normally be processed within 48 hours, if you have not heard from us within this time limit, please contact us as shown below. When this is not possible for some technical reason, we will post an explanatory notice at the top of this site.

  • Your registration details are retained by us in order to provide you with support if you lose your registration or if you wish to update. This information is never provided to anyone else unless we are forced to do so by legal means. This policy is identical to that stated by BMT Micro.

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